Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Tuesday miscellany

Okay, here's the deal: I've been trying to write this opening paragraph for an embarrassing amount of time as I type this, to the point where if I was getting paid per every letter deleted I'd be able to retire to Hawaii tomorrow. It just ain't happening. So, here's the abridged version: I went over to Mom and Dad's after work for dinner, enjoyed myself as always, and took a bunch of pictures.

Finally. Glad that's over with. On to the photos...

A Chickadee hanging out on the feeder:

A Goldfinch sitting on top of the blue spruce:

This male hummingbird took a breather on a chair not far from where I was sitting:

Another male hummingbird (or perhaps the same one—they really need to get some name tags or something) perched in the lower branches of the blue spruce, keeping a close watch over the feeders:

I liked the symmetry between the chipmunk's pose and the angel's:

A gray squirrel sitting in the cherry tree:

An interesting cloud formation/color contrast Mom noticed:

And, of course, some Kaylee pics...

Loved the paws-crossed pose here:

Keeping her eye on a piece of rawhide Mom tossed to her:

The prize is within her grasp:

A few minutes later, she took her rawhide and laid down a few feet away, having decided she was done with the playing and wanted to commence with the chewing:

Finally, I just really liked the way this one came out:

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