Thursday, July 1, 2010

As good as gold

After ending up with more than 700 images to go through yesterday, I was once again feeling a bit of photo fatigue today. Fortunately, though, something happened this morning that gave me something to post without my even having to get up off my couch: I had my first visitor to my new birdfeeder. I know that taking shots through the screen is far from ideal, but I wanted to commemorate the occasion anyway—hopefully after the birds have been using it for a while I'll be able to sneak outside for some photos.

At any rate, a few pics of the male Goldfinch that stopped by this morning:

I also managed to get this shot of a pair of Redpolls that came by this evening as I sat eating my dinner:

I'm looking forward to seeing what other kinds of birds come by, especially as I know we have a couple of Cardinals in the area. Should be fun.


  1. Cool, and remarkably sharp for photos shot through a screen.

  2. Great shots. Looking forward to seeing what other birds your new feeder attracts.