Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Quacking up

There are no words to describe how wiped out I'm feeling tonight. You know how they say someone can look like they were ridden hard and put away wet? Right now, I feel (and suspect look) like I was ridden hard and then poleaxed upside the head.

So, in brief: I took a bunch more photos around the pond during our lunch break. These are the ones I liked best. Hope you enjoy.

I never would have noticed this turtle hiding out under a sunken pine branch if not for the two little girls who spotted him and pointed him out to me:

And now, the ducks...

I'm mildly tempted to Photoshop a halo onto this image...

I took this one when I noticed how the blue stripe on the wing looks purple in the reflection:

I liked this one for two reasons—you can see the duck's head through the water, and I was intrigued by the band of water across its neck:

I liked the colors in this one:

I almost skipped right on past this one, and then I noticed I'd caught these two ducks in virtually identical positions:

And again, I liked the coloring here:


  1. Lovely!

    Happy Birthday, Sara!

  2. Great photos. A dry halo on the first picture and a wet one on the next photo perhaps???