Friday, July 9, 2010

Mellow yellow

I decided to go with another color theme this week—yellow, as requested by Michelle after last week's blue extravaganza. This time around, between the wildflowers currently in bloom all over and the flowers in my mom's garden, it really wasn't too hard to find items to photograph that fit the bill.

Starting things off, some Birdsfoot Trefoil:


Black-eyed Susans:

And that beloved friend of allergy sufferers everywhere, Goldenrod:

Some Goldfinches were kind enough to visit the feeder while I was at Mom and Dad's, perhaps having heard about today's theme:

A couple of Day Lilies:

A Zinnia:

A Snapdragon:

Some Pansies:

Of course, I had to include some Daisies:

And finally, a Honeysuckle flower:

As I was leaving later in the evening, Dad spotted this deer making its way across the edge of the lawn. I figure it this shot at least still counts, given the wildflowers in the background. It was actually fairly dark when I photographed the deer, and the resultant images all had a very bluish cast to them. Just out of curiosity, I used one of the color correction tools in Photoshop—the user clicks on a part of the image that's supposed to be either white, gray, or black, and the program readjusts the overall coloring of the image accordingly. The difference was rather striking, so I thought it might be fun to share.

The original image:

And the color-corrected version, using the white on the underside of the tail as my reference point:

Kinda cool, huh?

Finally, the obligatory Kaylee shot:

I'll be heading back to Mom and Dad's tomorrow for a family cookout, so never fear: many more photos of Kaylee are in your near future...

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