Thursday, July 8, 2010

Splish splash

Tonight I stopped by Mom and Dad's on the way home for dinner; also joining us were Mike, Melissa, Jared, Kyle, and Nathan, as today was Melissa's birthday. While today it seemed slightly less humid, it was still extremely warm out from dawn 'til dusk. Mom came up with the idea of running one of their sprinklers for the boys to run around in; why we adults didn't elbow them out of the way and do the same is, in retrospect, a bit of a puzzler...

At first, Nathan wasn't too sure about the sprinkler:

Neither was Jared:

But it didn't take long for them to start having a grand old time:

I know that they're brothers, but it still amazed me a little when I saw how very similar their expressions were in these two shots:

Kyle, meanwhile, did briefly check things out:

But he was way more interested in walking around, checking out the other toys, and trying to figure out how to eat from two containers of Goldfish simultaneously:

My folks picked up one of those large bubble wands, so Mom opened it up and gave it a try—mostly as another way to distract Kyle:

However, I suspect the one who got the most distracted by the bubbles was... well, me. They were just so pretty and shiny...

I like how in this one the reflection makes it seem as if the wand is bleeding into the bubbles:

In this one you can see a bit of spray towards the top, the result of the bubbles that popped as the wand moved along:

I almost couldn't believe my eyes when I saw this one, as I'd had no idea I'd gotten such a clear shot of one of the bubbles. On the left half, you can see a reflection of part of the house, Mom, and even a very distorted look at Melissa holding the orange wand; on the right half you see that same image, only mirrored and inverted. Very cool:

Finally, the one and only shot I managed to get of Kaylee this evening. She's had a tough time of it these past few days, and not just because of the heat. The poor girl got stung by a wasp yesterday, and the deerflies harass her relentlessly whenever she's outside—in fact, there's one sitting on her head in the photo:

Between the two of us, I'd say Dad and I killed 10-12 deerflies during the hour or so we were outside, and I saw Kaylee snap at and get at least 3 others. Really, this humidity can't end soon enough for any of us.


  1. The little ones are too cute, and the bubbles are magical.

    I hope Kaylee is feeling better, poor dear.


    Start sending your favorite from each day. Sooner or later, you're gonna be in NG.