Sunday, July 11, 2010

Lazy day

This morning I drove over to Clear Brook Farm, a local farm stand, to see what they had for sale. While I wandered around, movement on the side porch caught my eye. I discovered that Barn Swallows had built a bunch of nests in the rafters. That section of the porch didn't really see any foot traffic (they didn't have any merchandise out on it, and it couldn't be easily accessed), so despite the people shopping only a few feet away the swallows continued to fly back and forth without hesitation. Once I made my purchases, I set them in the car and walked back over with my camera to take some photos:

A swallow coming in for a landing. This pipe ran along the length of the building, about 4 feet across from where the swallows made their nests:

Talking amongst themselves:

This shot offers a pretty good look at the swallow's distinctive long tail:

Swallows don't have any markings on their back either as a juvenile or an adult, which makes me think this one with its wings spread made a narrow escape from some predator:

Other than that one excursion, I spent most of the day inside trying to stay cool. It wasn't nearly as humid today as it has been, but it was still in the low 80s out there (and in my apartment). I kept the curtains closed for most of the afternoon, as that's when the sun is on that side of the building. A while after I'd reopened them the birds started getting active again, so I took a few shots of some of the Goldfinches that visited:

They're saying tomorrow will bring a return to the high heat and humidity. Can't hardly wait.

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