Monday, July 26, 2010

On the wing

Some more bird shots for you today, starting with a very lucky catch as a House Sparrow came in to land on my bird feeder this morning:

I liked the symmetry of how these Goldfinches were perched:

Before I returned home for the evening, I went over to Whimsy Pond for a bit to see what birds might be around. No kingfishers or mergansers in sight this time around, but I did get the chance to photograph a bunch of birds skimming over the surface of the pond. I know there are definitely some swallows in the mix, but I wasn't entirely certain about all of them—including the bird in this first photo:

Definitely a Barn Swallow here:

Again, no idea on this one:

Two ships passing in the night afternoon; I think that's a Yellow Warbler on the right:

A few of my shots even ended up being in focus:

Looking at all the dimples on the water's surface, you'd think it was raining when I took this shot. But as the reflection indicates, there were blue skies overhead. So I can only figure that they were caused by emerging insects instead:

Finally, a reflection I thought looked kinda nice.

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