Saturday, July 24, 2010

Another Saturday bird fest

Got quite a few photos for you today, courtesy of yet another Saturday afternoon at my parents' house, so I'll just right to it. First up: finches.

I'm pretty sure this is a juvenile House Finch, but I wouldn't bet any money on it:

A quartet of Goldfinches on the waterfall:

Rush hour at the bird feeders:

And a Purple Finch even joined the party for a little while:

A pair of Chickadee close-ups:

Some Cardinal photos for you:

The hummingbirds seemed a little more mellow compared to the other day; I only noticed a couple of brief skirmishes while I was there, and there weren't nearly as many of the "check your ears for new holes" flybys either. However, I did happen to spot this male hummingbird when it decided to use one of the tiger lilies as a rest stop:

Even though it's blurrier than Jimmy Buffet's vision on half-price margarita night, I wanted to include this shot because I liked how you the wings seemed to be in a couple of different places at once:

A gray squirrel approaching the feeders:

Kaylee's buddy Robby:

And, of course, Kaylee herself:

I saved this one for last because I loved her expression; to me, it looks like she's thinking, "Seriously?":

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  1. I don't comment on every post, because you can only say "Wow" so many times before it stops making sense, but I really, really, really enjoy your photographs and your commentary, and look forward to each new one.