Tuesday, July 6, 2010

...it's the humidity

Seriously—air should not have weight. It just shouldn't.

After much deliberation as to how I could take some halfway decent photos with a minimal amount of physical exertion on my part, after work I decided to head just up the road into East Arlington and photograph the river there. The parking lot across from the Village Peddler is right next to the water, meaning I'd have to walk maybe two feet to get a clear shot of the river. Plus there's one spot where the water cascades down a ton of rocks, which I thought might look pretty cool if I photographed it with the same small aperture setting I'd experimented with last month.

Believe it or not, though, there was actually too much light hitting that stretch of water to produce the effect I was hoping for. So I'll have to give that part of it another try sometime along. Thankfully, some of the shots of other points along the river came out okay:

This last one was definitely my favorite of the bunch:


  1. Those are lovely; you can really see the water moving. They look very cool and peaceful.

  2. The water really looks cool and inviting! Mom