Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Yup, more birds

I figured after yesterday's monster post I should at least try to keep today's photo count in the single digits...

First up, part of the lilac bush growing across from my front door; I took this in the morning light, with the side of my neighbor's barn serving as the backdrop:

I was taking some photos outside for work this morning (yes, really) when movement caught my eye: I looked up to see a pair of crows flying over my head, with one of them holding a snake in its beak. I took this shot as they flew into the trees across the road—the crow's hard to make out, but you can definitely see the underside of the snake:

After work I went over to Mom and Dad's for dinner, where we sat out on their back porch for a bit and watched for birds. Mom was the one who noticed how striking these backlit leaves were against the sky:

We were hoping one of the Baltimore orioles my folks have seen on their feeder recently would put in an appearance so I could take some pictures of it. Unfortunately, while we did spot one it was nowhere near close enough for a decent photo. But I did manage to get some shots of a titmouse grabbing a meal

They've also just started seeing rose-breasted grosbeaks again, and I was lucky enough to have one come in and land on the feeders while I sat there:

Finally, of course, Kaylee. We have no idea why she decided to head behind the couch after dinner, as usually she only does so when there's a thunderstorm occurring. But she did, and when she stuck her head out to see what we were all doing I took this shot of her looking at Dad:


  1. Oh, poor baby Kaylee, she looks so worried!

  2. Kaylee looks soooooooooo darn cute!!