Sunday, May 23, 2010

Triple threat 2: Mood indigo

Continuing on with the fun that started here...

A chickadee on the deck fountain:

The rose-breasted grosbeaks were busy as ever:

This was such a lucky shot:

Looking even more striking as it sits in the middle of a lilac bush:

Speaking of luck, one of the grosbeaks was comfortable enough to come in for a drink as we all sat on the porch, giving me a great opportunity for some close-up shots:

And to our continued delight, an indigo bunting made several visits to the feeders in front of us as we enjoyed the afternoon sunshine.

In this shot it's back on the thistle feeder at the edge of the property; I liked how the bunting was on one side and all the goldfinches were on the other:

Between the position of its head, the angle, and that bug right above it, this shot totally reminded me of how you see a squiggle or cloud over the head of an angry cartoon character:

Not a perfect shot, what with its head being obscured and all, but I liked how you could see the wing fanned out:

Its table manners could use a little work:

I love all the different gradations of blue you can see on the bird, and how they subtly change depending on how the light hits the feathers:

On to part three...

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  1. I love the smooching birds! And the indigo bunting? Amazing!