Monday, May 17, 2010

Making do

On my way to work this morning I realized I hadn't been by Howell's for a few days, so I decided I'd stop by when I returned home in the evening. Apparently, though, the waterfowl found out I'd been seeing other birds over the weekend and decided to give me the cold shoulder; I spotted a couple of ducks and a female merganser over on the other side of the pond, but that was it. So I took a few photos of some of the plants on my side and called it a day.

Both white and pink honeysuckle bushes are blooming along the road past the pond:

I have no idea what these two wildflowers are, despite my best attempts at research:

Finally, a large honeybee working the honeysuckle—you can see a bit of pollen stuck to the underside of its body:

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