Sunday, May 16, 2010

Along the beaten path

That's right: today's post is 100% bird-free. Instead of checking out my usual haunts, I decided to try something different this afternoon and drove over to the Arlington Recreational Park. I knew from previous visits that part of the walking path at the park paralleled the Battenkill, and I figured between the river and the wooded area along the bank I could find something to photograph that didn't involve feathers of any kind. I got there around 4 p.m., hoping to take advantage of the afternoon light on what turned out to be a gorgeous day.

To start things off, a shot of some branches hanging over the river:

A few of the many wild geraniums I came across as I walked:

The look of this pine branch against the surrounding trees really popped out at me:

A white baneberry blossom:

Just normal old grass backlit by sunshine:

A violet over in a shadier area:

And to close things out, some dandelions that I thought looked rather striking when the light hit them just right:

Oh, one last thing. When talking with my folks earlier, I discovered that they hadn't realized my Saturday post was split into three parts—they thought the last one was the only one. Since they're both pretty smart people, I figure if they didn't realize it then they probably weren't the only ones.

So, for those that may have missed out, links to all three of yesterday's posts:




Sorry about the confusion.

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