Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Back to birds

It was a pretty dreary day here, with rain falling on and off all day. Luckily for me, my folks invited me over for dinner. So I got to enjoy good food and even better company, as well as photograph a number of colorful birds.

Starting things off, a female Baltimore oriole at the oriole feeder:

A male oriole doing a little grooming:

And sitting on the cultivator:

A nuthatch in one of the bushes next to my parents' back porch

I'm not sure what had the male grosbeak and female cardinal looking the same way at the same time, but given that Kaylee went on a couple of barking sprees it could have very well been a reaction to hearing her:

This time the two grosbeaks are joined by the a cardinal:

A female cardinal apparently practicing her parkour moves:

Things got pretty busy at the two main bird feeders for a while:

I thought the raindrops on this hosta plant made for a striking image:

Finally, Kaylee:

If the steaks cooking on the grill smelled good to me, I can't imagine how awesome they smelled to her:

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  1. You have the best birds!

    Also a gorgeous dog, but then, she already knows that.