Saturday, May 1, 2010

Signs of spring

Just an assortment of photos taken over the course of the day, both when I was at work and when I stopped by my folks' place afterward.

I was sitting on the front steps of the museum when I took this picture of a rhododendron branch against the sky:

A flowering crabapple tree served as the backdrop for this photo of some maple leaves:

And part of the crabapple tree itself:

A branch of an apple tree blossoming in my parents' yard; there were so many bees working the branches it sounded like I was standing next to a hive:

A wild strawberry plant:

No idea what these next two flowers are:

A vinca growing by a corner of the house:

Finally, the obligatory Kaylee picture:


  1. Beautiful. Reminds me of the poem about nature's first green being gold...