Sunday, May 9, 2010

Taking flight

I spent the afternoon over at Mom and Dad's again today as part of our Mother's Day celebration, and like yesterday I was able to get some great photos without having to step outside the house.

First, a red squirrel making its way across the porch:

A cardinal looking rather quizzical up in a maple tree:

I felt lucky I was able to catch the cardinal and a blue jay in the same shot:

Do not adjust your monitor—this nuthatch is indeed upside down:

The Baltimore orioles were more frequent visitors today, giving me more chances to get a decent picture of one:

After I took this one I joked that I had a picture featuring one-third of the American League East in a single shot:

A rose-breasted grosbeak is joined by a few goldfinches:

A blue jay hopping down from the top of the pole to the feeder:

I don't recall if something spooked these birds to cause them to take off at the same time:

Another departing jay:

The rose-breasted grosbeaks spent a lot of time on the feeders today, which occasionally led to a disagreement or two. I managed to get a pretty good sequence of photos that captured one such meeting of the minds:

A female grosbeak coming in for a landing:

A lucky shot where I managed to get both a male grosbeak and a titmouse in mid-flight:

Three male rose-breasteds at the feeders:

And an even luckier shot featuring four male grosbeaks:

Finally, one last shot of two birds that are black, white, and red; in this case, though, they're also two different kinds of bird:

And last, but certainly never least, Kaylee:

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  1. Wow. Really, really outstanding.

    I hope the headache goes away soon. *Brandishes Mr Bolty at nasty evil headache demon*