Monday, May 24, 2010

To remember... and to let go.

Well, as I suspected watching the Lost finale, the source of today's subject line, was an intense and emotional experience. The story and characters were part of my life for six years, and right now it's difficult to wrap my head around the knowledge that it's over. But even as it was drawing to a close, Lost reminded us that everything ends eventually, and when it does all that's left to do—all anyone can do, really—is to embrace the memory of what you had and what it meant to you... and then let go, allowing yourself to be open to whatever happens next.

And all of this happened really late at night, just a day after I was up until the wee hours posting on my blog. So, as you can imagine, I spent today doing my best impersonation of a zombie.

After work I decided to head over to Howell's to try and clear my mind a bit. I suspect the unseasonable heat and humidity had something to do with the lack of activity there, but thankfully even in my mini-haze I was able to spot a couple of things to photograph.

This wildflower, Dame's Rocket, is starting to show up all around the pond; the mix of white and purple flowers can be quite striking, especially against the grass:

A chickadee that settled on a branch just in front of me as I walked along the roadside:

And finally, I can't imagine anything more fitting today, at least for me, than stumbling across a patch of forget-me-nots:


  1. So pretty, so soothing, just what I need today.

  2. The composition of the last shot is my favorite. {{hugs}}