Saturday, May 22, 2010

Triple threat 1: Oops, I did it again

Remember how last week I spent Saturday at my parents' place and ended up taking a boatload of pictures?

Yeah, that happened again today.

So, since I'm looking at another triple post, let's get right to it. To start off, a male cardinal in a blue spruce tree:

A hummingbird perched on top of that same spruce:

And at one of my parents' feeders:

A female cardinal sharing the post with a male rose-breasted grosbeak:

That's a hairy woodpecker on the left and a downy woodpecker on the right:

A titmouse on the porch fountain:

A female Baltimore oriole exploring one of Mom's gardens:

And getting a drink at the waterfall:

A goldfinch coming in for a landing:

I liked the bits of seed flying through the air in this one:

A grackle with quite a mouthful:

Coming back for more:

And shortly after an encounter with an electrical socket. No, not really:

A red squirrel getting a drink:

A chipmunk peeking its head out from under the baffle on the oriole feeder post:

Going down...

No, going up...

I liked how these two were pointed in opposite directions:

That does it for part 1. Stay tuned for more...

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