Monday, May 31, 2010

Happy Memorial Day

When I drove home from my aunt and uncle's yesterday, the wildflowers in a field I passed on my way caught my eye. Since I knew I had plenty of pictures for posting already, I decided to go back today to photograph the spot:

The yellow flowers are Buttercups, and the pink-purple ones are Ragged Robins:

I just happened to notice this heron flying by overhead as I got in my car:

My usual route to my aunt and uncle's place involves going through a one-lane covered bridge; the sign on it never fails to make me smile:

Some Asters growing alongside the road where I parked to photograph the bridge:

Later in the afternoon I decided to go for another drive, and on one of my stops walked to a spot along the edge of the Battenkill. There, I spotted some more Forget-me-nots:

I also took some photos of a bird that I'm pretty sure is an Eastern Peewee as it snagged some insects over the water:

I vote for three-day weekends every week. Who's with me?


  1. Considering the way my weekend has gone, maybe not so much, but I'm certainly vicariously enjoying yours. Lovely pictures, Sara!

  2. I do have three day weekends every week. I just have to pay for them by working REALLY long days the other four...

    Love the pix, as always.