Friday, May 14, 2010

More backyard birding

My folks were kind enough to invite me over for breakfast this morning, and after we finished eating I still had some time before I had to be at work. So, naturally, I spent it standing in the doorway taking bird photos.

I caught this woodpecker as it was hopping over from the pole to the feeder:

A Baltimore oriole:

I feel like I should hold a caption writing contest for this shot, as it brings to mind any one of a number of human reactions—starting with "What in the HELL is that?":

I liked the symmetry of their positions in this one, as well as the red/blue contrasts against the green of the wet grass:

"I said 'how's the weather up there?'":

It almost looks like the one on the left is sliding down the wire while using its wings for balance:

In case you haven't noticed, I tend to like the action shots best:

Finally, I dared not leave Mom and Dad's without any Kaylee photos for the second straight time. She had a very busy evening last night, what with keeping an eye on two new people and their three children, so she wasn't much for the whole moving thing this morning:

"Seriously—would you just leave me alone so I can sleep already?"

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