Sunday, May 16, 2010

Songbirdapalooza Part 3: Orioles and indigos, to say nothing of the dog

And batch the third...

I suspect the male Baltimore oriole may have left the toilet seat up one time too many...

A pair of male orioles:

A few shots that I hope provide a good sense of the male oriole's coloring:

Looks like our couple from earlier managed to patch up their differences:

Taking wing:

I went with the wide view for this photo instead of cropping in so as to show you the antique cultivator (once belonging to my maternal grandfather) that you've probably spotted in parts of several other shots from today. I also liked how the robin in the background mirrored the oriole's pose:

Late in the evening we were treated to a bit of a rarity—a male indigo bunting came to my parents' back yard. There wasn't a whole lot of light at that point, as it was after 7 p.m., but I managed to get a few shots of it:

It spent quite a bit of time at the thistle feeder my folks keep up at the edge of their property. As I sat and watched, hoping it might fly back in to the fountain one more time, I noticed something—there were two of them. Seeing one is a pretty rare occurrence around here, let alone two at the same time. So I did my best to try and get a photograph of the two together. Given the distance and lack of light I wasn't very optimistic, but I did have the camera on the action setting, which opens up the aperture (letting in more light) and reduces the shutter speed. The result was surprisingly decent, all things considered:

To close this monster three-part event out, we turn the stage over to Kaylee. I took this shot early on in the morning, and she looks about as awake as I felt at that juncture (not to mention as I type this):

Surveying the back yard:

Playing with Robbie:

And finally, running toward the camera upon returning from a walk:

Okay. Time for sleep now...

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