Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A colorful morning

This morning I stopped by my parents' house to pick something up for work. While I was there, Mom told me some different flowers had recently started to bloom, so we went over to the edge of the yard to take a look.

Looking gorgeous in the morning sunlight were some yellow lady's slippers:

Also in bloom was a wild Pink Azalea:

While I took photos of the azalea, a male Baltimore oriole came in to feed:

The female joined him at the feeder not too long after:

The female Baltimore oriole enjoying some grape jelly:

Unfortunately, I didn't have enough time to take pictures of Kaylee before I had to head into work. She didn't even join us outside, as it would have required her to, you know, get up and walk—apparently supervising Mom and Dad over the course of the day is just that exhausting. Next time, though. I promise.

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  1. I've never seen lady's-slippers, or an oriole in the wild, for that matter. This is just too cool.