Sunday, May 16, 2010

Songbirdapalooza Part 2: Blue jays and grosbeaks

Another batch of photos is uploaded and ready to rumble...

"You put your left foot in/you take your left foot out..."

I loved the way this blue jay twisted itself around to check things out:

"Whoa!! Course correction, ASAP!"

"See kid? This is how you make a landing."

Six—count 'em, SIX—blue jays in one shot:

I liked the symmetry of how this male and female were perched:

"Wait... what?"

A lucky shot where the sunlight is hitting a strand of spider web on the feeder:

A female flying up to the feeder:

Nothing wrong with a spirited exchange of words...

Or two...

Or three...

Okay, so maybe three was one too many:

The insect in the upper right corner was another lucky catch, and in this case one that made for a nice effect after cropping:

One more post to go...

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