Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Second verse, same as the first: the reprise

It certainly wasn't my intention when I started my day today, but someone I managed to put together a photo day remarkably similar to yesterday: foliage photos (trying saying that five times fast) and bird pics. But at least this time I didn't take any of them near my apartment...

To start with, a few foliage reflection shots courtesy of the museum's pond:

As for today's bird photos, the star of the show is undoubtedly the Red-breasted Nuthatch that spent a good 30 minutes visiting the feeders at Mom and Dad's when I stopped by after work. It was a total accident on my part, but I really liked how well the bird's reflection shows up in the feeder in this first shot:

This particular nuthatch (or nuthatches—they still refuse to help me out by wearing name tags) would have gotten low marks on the "plays well with others" part of its grade school report card, as you can see in this sequence of shots:

Sitting up on the hook:

Telling another Chickadee it's not welcome on the feeder:

And then settling its feathers back into place:

Apparently, at least one Chickadee figured out that the easiest way to avoid fights with the nuthatch was to hop right on inside the feeder:

Grabbing a seed:

I got a kick out of how the nuthatch and Hairy Woodpecker mirror each other in these next two shots:

This Chickadee was moving to a slightly better spot on the feeder... but still keeping a safe distance from the nuthatch:

I can't point to a specific reason why this one caught my eye when I was going through images, but it did:

I liked all the different things going on in this one:

And finally, I'd definitely classify this one as the catch of the day, so to speak:

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  1. Nice work, as usual, and I really like the reflection ones.