Friday, October 22, 2010

Fly leaf

Just a single photo today, one I took in the line of duty, so to speak. I was asked to put together a postcard to send out to some of our membership, and encouraged to get creative when it came to choosing the postcard's main image. I toyed around with a few different ideas, but not coming up with anything that really grabbed me.

Then yesterday afternoon I was looking at the photos I'd taken of the pond, and asked Yoshi if he thought one of them might work. It didn't seem like a bad idea per se, but the thing that made us both hesitate was the lack of anything museum-specific in any of the shots—when someone found it in their mailbox, they'd just see yet another piece of mail with foliage on it, not an uncommon occurrence in our area this time of year. As we talked and thought about it, I suddenly had an idea—do the same sort of photo as what I'd taken earlier, but with the addition of a fly on top of one of the leaves.

Since the photos we attempted last night didn't turn out all that great (it was late in the day, very overcast, and I had the white balance on my camera set for indoor photos), I went back out first thing this morning and tried again. This time the results were much better. After narrowing it down to a few finalists, this is the shot we ended up using—I think it came out pretty nicely, if I do say so myself:

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