Thursday, October 21, 2010

Leaves on the water: raindrop edition

It rained pretty steadily here for most of the day, and didn't look like it was going to be letting up any time soon. So I figured I'd work with what I had, and at lunchtime I put on my raincoat, went over to the pond, and started taking clusters of shots of different leaves as the raindrops dimpled the water. Naturally, by the time I went home for the day there were blue skies above, but I still really liked my rainy day results.

I took a ton of shots of this leaf, several of which came out very nicely; I had a hard time choosing just one to post. I finally decided on this one because I liked the contrast between how busy the water is top and bottom, yet is relatively calm in the middle—enough so that the leaf's reflection can be seen quite clearly:

With this one, I liked how the different drop-ripples are scattered all around the frame and the effect created when they intersect. Plus I was pretty psyched that the droplets on top of the leaf came out so clearly:

Not much to say about this one—I just thought it looked cool:

I share this one because it made my heart skip a beat when I first saw it. Not because it was an extraordinary photo or anything, but because of the one-in-a-million combination of ripples and light that created the illusion of a spectral hand reaching into the shot from the right:

Really dug the reflection in this one, not to mention how the leaf is standing on its side:

Finally, I picked this one because of the particularly pronounced drop-ripple on the left—I have to figure I snapped this one just after impact:

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