Sunday, October 24, 2010

Bird's eye view

It was a cold and rainy day here, so I once again relied on my bird feeder to provide something for me to photograph for today's post. As it turns out, I was right by the window, camera in hand, when this White-breasted Nuthatch landed on the hook holding the feeder, enabling me to get some nice close-ups of the bird:

The red car in the background belongs to one of my neighbors; I thought it was very nice of them to leave it there so I'd have a contrasting background for these images:

I loved this shot of it delicately holding a single seed in its beak:

Even though I took this shot of the nuthatch at the same time as the first photo in today's post, I saved it for last because this particular image came out so sharp I was able to crop it to provide a close-up view of the bird's head without losing any of the details:

I believe we're expecting more rain tomorrow, which probably means I'll be keeping a close eye on my feeder for at least one more day...

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