Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Avian action

More birds for you today, mostly because I still wasn't feeling all that ambitious photography-wise. Plus I had dinner with Mom and Dad, which means bird pics were pretty much a given anyway.

To start things off, a few shots I took this morning before work. I'll admit, I was pretty psyched to finally get a photo of one of the Titmice that have started visiting my feeder of late:

And the Purple Finches stopped by briefly for a spot of breakfast as well:

Over at Mom and Dad's this evening, it was all about the Chickadees, Juncos, and Titmice, although only two of the three are present in this shot:

A Junco coming in for a landing while a Titmouse is eating some seed:

A few group shots featuring all three types of bird:

With an entire feeder to sit on, they both had to choose the same spot?

Of course, there were a few other birds in the mix once in a while. I particularly liked how this Blue Jay/Hairy Woodpecker shot came out:

I also got a couple of shots of a bird making its debut on this blog—a White-throated Sparrow:

Even though it's gotten fairly nippy in the evenings, a bird's still gotta get clean:

And finally, the requisite Kaylee photo:

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