Monday, October 18, 2010

More action on the wing

Like yesterday, all of today's pics are of birds in motion. I was at Mom and Dad's this time around, so I wasn't nearly as close to my subjects as yesterday. But there is a bit more variety in terms of the birds featured, and at times there's more than one in motion in the same shot. Hopefully it's a decent trade-off.

A Titmouse coming in while a female Junco sits and eats:

That's a White-breasted Nuthatch heading for the mesh feeder:

No idea what this Junco was doing, but I'm grateful she was doing it:

A Chickadee finding an open spot to land:

The female Junco on the suet cage does not look happy with the prospect of sharing it with the Chickadee:

I love how the Hairy Woodpecker on the mesh feeder was completely unperturbed by the comings and goings of the littler birds:

A Titmouse getting some take-out:

Okay, technically this Nuthatch isn't moving. But I liked the shot too much to leave it out:

Luckily, there was a bit of movement in this one, thanks to the Chickadee:

Another Titmouse:

Love how the Chickadee on the left and the Junco at the top both look like missiles bearing down on a target:

A Junco trying to get its balance after landing:

One Junco settles in while another approaches from the right:

Watch that first step...

Yup, the roof was definitely the happening place to be today:

Of course, you didn't think I'd leave Mom and Dad's without a Kaylee shot or two, did you?

And just to shake things up a bit, I'll close today's post with something other than a Kaylee pic. I know, I know—try not to faint:

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