Saturday, October 23, 2010

Back to birds in action

For whatever reason, words are not coming easily to me this evening. So I'll keep it short and sweet: basically, I took a ton of bird photos today, both here at my apartment and at Mom and Dad's this afternoon. After much deliberation, I finally narrowed down the list of selections to a manageable number; hopefully, I chose wisely.

To start things off, a Chickadee I photographed just as it began to hop up to the next rung on the feeder:

I almost whooped out loud when I saw how this one came out:

A female Purple Finch:

Over at Mom and Dad's, a female Goldfinch looking even more golden in the late afternoon sun:

A Blue Jay hopping from the hook to the feeder:

A Junco just after landing on the squirrel baffle:

A few shots of various Titmice:

I liked how the Chickadee in flight is nearly sideways in this one:

Photos of some Juncos in action:

A very lucky catch:

And since I began today's post with a shot of a bird from the back, it seemed only right to end it with one as well:

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