Friday, October 1, 2010

Fur and feathers

I joined my parents for dinner again this evening; my brother Greg is in town for the weekend, and we always try to get together for at least one meal when he visits. It was still very overcast when I got to the house after work, but as it was no longer raining I was able to sit outside for a while and take some photos before it was time to eat.

Aside from the Chickadees, which seem to always be flitting back and forth to and from the feeder whenever I visit these days, the Titmice were the most active birds in the backyard while I was there today. Rather than grab some seeds and then fly somewhere else to dine, as the Chickadees usually do, the Titmice will often stay right there on the feeder to enjoy their meal—much like the two in this shot:

Watching a Chickadee arrive:

"Um, excuse me—miss female Junco? Yeah, you kinda took my spot...":

A White-breasted Nuthatch:

A male Junco underneath the feeders:

And sharing space with a Chickadee up on the mesh feeder:

"Holy crap! This water is frikkin' freezing!"

A gray squirrel picking its way through the wet leaves on the lawn:

Since all the weather reports have us seeing a return to sunshine and clear weather tomorrow, it looks like the old adage about red skies at night is going to be right on target this time around:

Finally, Miss Kaylee:

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