Monday, June 28, 2010


After working yesterday I took today off, but ended up in Manchester for a while anyway to have lunch with Sarah and run a couple of errands. On my way home, I noticed some large birds circling overhead and cruised into a nearby pulloff to try and photograph them. I did manage a few shots, but they were too far away by the time I got out of my car—in the resulting images you can tell that they're birds, and that's about it.

However, as I was putting my camera back in its bag I noticed an interesting blue wildflower through my passenger-side window. So I got back out of the car and took another look around. I realized there were at least a couple of other flowers I hadn't photographed before, and decided I should take advantage of unexpected bounty.

To start things off, the flower that first caught my eye—Viper's Bugloss (aka Blue-weed):

I was unable to figure out for certain what flower this is, but I believe it's a type of Lobelia:

Birdsfoot Trefoil, which is actually a type of pea:

And finally, Chicory:

One of my errands today was purchasing my very own bird feeder, which as of this posting hasn't yet been discovered by any birds. But once it has, I'm hoping it'll give me a chance at some fairly close-up shots, either through the screen or by my sneaking around the corner of the building. Could be fun.