Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Early birds

Since I knew it was more than likely I wouldn't be home until close to midnight tonight, I decided to get up early so I'd have time to take and post today's pictures. It was fairly overcast first thing, which means if I want to try taking photos in the morning light for a change I'll have to drag myself out of bed before my usual waking hour on at least once more. Ah well.

The first thing I spotted this morning was a catbird hopping along in front of the chain-link fence in search of food; I hadn't seen any around here since I last photographed one, and being able to take a few shots without any brush in my way was a nice bonus:

I think this is some Bishop's Weed growing at the base of the fence:

A couple of woodpeckers flitted around on the various tree trunks for a while:

A squirrel out for an early morning stroll:

And a couple of Robins to close things out:


  1. The squirrel really does seem to be strolling, doesn't he? Ha!

  2. That squirrel is scary!

    So that's what a catbird looks like - I've always wondered... Cute little thing. I know, I know, Audubon guide, but seeing one that a friend photographed somehow makes it more real.