Wednesday, June 23, 2010


After a terrific dinner with Mom and Dad this evening, I (as usual) came home with a ton of bird photos to sort through, resulting in yet another epic-length post. So I'll once again skip past the pleasantries and get right to it.

First, some damselfly photos I took out at the pond behind our office building during lunchtime:

At Mom and Dad's, that's a young Baltimore Oriole sitting on top of the post while a male oriole samples the grape jelly:

A female Cardinal as she settled in for her landing:

All I can say is when you take more than 400 photos, you're bound to stumble into a lucky shot like this:

A Purple Finch as it landed on one of the feeders:

It's a little hard to spot, but there's a House Wren taking a bath on the top level of the waterfall:

A Blue Jay swooping in:

A couple more grosbeak shots:

A pair of Mourning Doves landed on the feeders as we sat on the porch enjoying our dessert, giving me a chance to photograph a bird that, for whatever reason, rarely makes an appearance while I'm there with my camera:

Finally, Kaylee:

Seriously, this dog is more photogenic than most of the people I know...

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  1. Yes, Kaylee is very photogenic indeed, and doesn't she know it.

    The other photos are also wonderful, by the way.