Sunday, June 13, 2010

Here kitty kitty kitty

When I stepped outside this afternoon to take some pictures, I was at an absolute loss as to what to photograph. I'd spent the better part of the afternoon housecleaning, so I was tired and didn't feel like going anywhere. But it was another gray, overcast day here, and I wasn't seeing a whole lot of bird activity around my apartment complex. So I turned toward my place, thinking about maybe bringing my camp chair outside and hope I got lucky, when I saw the orange cat that's been a presence around here ever since I moved in a few years ago. I don't know if anyone owns it per se; it appears to live in my neighbor's barn, entering and exiting via a hole along the side, but I've never seen them interact with it in any way. It looks pretty well-fed, or at least isn't noticeably thin. It can be friendly, as it's come over to me to be petted and such, but it'll only approach me when I'm crouched down—the moment I stand up, it shies away. It's a bit of a mystery. But, based on what I know of cats, I suspect it probably prefers it that way.

At any rate, when I knelt down to take some photos it came over to me. After I rubbed its head a few times, it apparently decided it was time to roll around a bit on the ground. Never one to look a gift photo op in the mouth, I backed up a few paces and started clicking away:

Playing with a twig it found:

And a beauty shot to close things out:

I suppose I should put some tuna fish over by the barn to thank the cat for bailing me out today, huh?


  1. Reeling and writhing and fainting in coils! What a lovely marmalade kitty!