Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Epic Wednesday post part 1: walking on water

I'm not quite sure how today's photography got so out of control quantity-wise, especially since it's a weekday, but... yeah. It did. So I'll just get right down to brass tacks.

To start with, some shots of a water bug sitting on the surface of the museum's pond:

With this one, I liked how the dimples are bluish while the rest of the water is much more gray:

Some ripple patterns I thought were pretty cool:

A lucky shot I managed to snag of a grackle as it flew by the office building:

This, believe it or not, is a shot of two blossoms from the same plant in Mom's garden—it's a type of echinacea, according to Mom, and as you can see the color shifts from orange to red as the blossom ages:

A male Cardinal sitting in a blue spruce:

Lots of color in this one:

I liked the symmetry of their positions:

A flurry of activity:

My parents noted that they'd seen a lot of grosbeaks around today, a trend that continued during my visit:

A quick Baltimore Oriole break for you:

And a grosbeak encore:

A male Cardinal that had trouble deciding if it wanted to sit and stay for a while:

Finally, a Titmouse that landed on the porch birdbath for a drink:

Yup, there's more—just click here to see it.

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