Friday, June 11, 2010

Fun(gus) Friday

When I was having dinner with my folks last night, Dad mentioned having seen an extremely large mushroom when out walking Kaylee earlier in the day. Since it was still raining off and on, and I knew today was supposed to be a bit better weather-wise, we decided that I'd stop by before work this morning so Dad could take me up there to check it out. Mom even offered to feed me again as well. Photos and food? No way I'm going to say no to an offer like that.

So, first thing this morning Dad, Kaylee, and I headed up into the woods, where I photographed what was definitely hands down the biggest mushroom I've ever seen:

Dad brought along a garden decoration given to Mom by a friend several years ago: an angel made of clay that I'd say is roughly the size of a volleyball. Maybe a soccer ball. Not only did it make for a fun and whimsical image, but it helps give a better sense of how big the mushroom really was:

A couple of spider webs I noticed on our way back down the hill:

After a very yummy breakfast of eggs and hash, I stood at the back door for a while to take some bird pictures. It was actually a pretty quiet morning at the feeders in that regard, but I managed to snag a few shots nonetheless.

A couple of Blue Jay photos:

A female Rose-breasted Grosbeak with her tail smushed up against the feeder:

One of those shots I can only attribute to blind luck:

Finally, Kaylee. Although when I saw her in this pose I was more inclined to call her "your Majesty":

Keeping an eye out the window:

When it was time to head to work I went back to look for Kaylee in the living room, only to discover she'd ambled on over to the bedroom. I cannot even begin to describe how tempting it was to curl up next to her and go to sleep when I saw her on the bed like this, all snuggled in and warm:

I mean, come on—this is pretty much the visual equivalent of taking an Ambien as far as I'm concerned...


  1. Now THAT'S a mushroom!

    The flying-bird photos are amazing, Sara!

  2. Very cool post and love love love the last picture of Kaylee