Friday, June 25, 2010

Feeling sheepish

After work this evening I headed over to Wayne and Tara's, who were hosting a backyard cookout for this week's pub gathering. It was a great evening for it: sunny and warm, but lacking the high humidity we've had to deal with recently. And, of course, both the company and the food were terrific. Even better, it gave me a chance to photograph the newest additions to Wayne and Tara's family, Fiona and Roísín:

Fiona and Roísín are Black-faced mountain sheep, the most common kind in Ireland. They seem to have settled in quite happily, as the bottom four feet of any tree or bush that happened to be in their pen looks like it was attacked by a weed whacker on rocket fuel...

If the situation calls for it, they don't mind elevating a bit to get to the good stuff:

And in those instances where they can't get themselves up to the food, they just bring the food down to their level:

Such sweet faces:

A look at their shelter:

In other happy news, Wayne decided to propose to his friend Walter, pledging his troth with a horseshoe. Okay, fine: he was actually retrieving an errant horseshoe thrown by Walter from the other side of the fencing. I like my version better, though:

Despite appearances, they were indeed throwing at the traditional target of a metal stake in the ground and not at party crashers:

Finally, Walter enjoying a postgame cigar:

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