Thursday, June 3, 2010

Bees and birds

Wow. It seems like it's been ages since I visited Howell's, huh? So I decided to stop by today to see what was up. Apparently, that would be the reeds and cattails—they're now almost as tall as I am, which could complicate the whole photography thing a bit. Unless I start keeping a stepstool in my car or something . . .

Anyway, I was lucky enough to spot this kingfisher before it saw me. After taking a couple of photos I tried getting closer, but the moment I moved it took off for the other side of the pond:

As I continued walking along the road, I spotted a heron sitting in one of the dead trees. I didn't get a great shot of it in the tree, but I was able to take some decent pictures of it flying away:

Later, I spotted some bumblebees working the clover that's sprouted up all along the roadside:

As I was heading back home, I saw there was another heron in the same spot as earlier. I got the car somewhat off the road, then stood on the frame to get a little extra height.

Loved seeing its neck stretched out like this:

And to close things out, our accountant's dog Bear taking a nap with his... well, bear:


  1. They're all great, and the action-heron shots are particularly fine.

  2. Nice close-up shots of the bee 'n' clover!