Monday, June 7, 2010

Where the sidewalk ends

Today some third graders from a local school came by to bring a little art into our lives. They'd recently completed a mural focused on river life, and agreed to come by and recreate parts of it on the sidewalk in the Orvis parking lot—and, with any luck, help entice folks to come by the museum.

Shaana consulted a reference guide before she got started:

My boss Cathi helping with the paint prep:

Love the tip of Wil's tongue sticking out as he concentrates on his work:

Chloe and Emily collaborated on their drawing:

Young Wil meant business, using his hand to blend the chalk he was working with:

Elisabeth also employed the hand-blending technique:

Maria checks her source material before proceeding with her work:

Jordan working on her leaping fish:

Sarah working on her half of her collaboration with Jordan:

Of course, it's impossible to create great art without getting a little messy:

Balance is also a key element of any artistic endeavor:

Yoshi giving Emily a hand:

Kristin putting the finishing touches on her work:

And the results:

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