Saturday, June 12, 2010


Not too much in the way of pictures today, as it's rained on and off all day long. Not to mention I was at a graduation party for most of the afternoon. When I finally returned home from the festivities I was already fairly wet from having walked to my car, so I figured I might as well grab my camera and head down to the pond. When I got there I discovered the reeds are now about six feet tall, so my options were either sit on top of my car and get totally soaked or go into the woods and get slightly less soaked thanks to the leaf cover. I opted for the latter.

I liked how these droplets looked amidst the pine needles:

And some photos of rainwater on the underside of various branches. I was hoping to get a few cool shots of a droplet in the process of falling, but even in sports mode the shutter speed wasn't fast enough to completely freeze the action. Still, I thought a few of the pictures came out pretty nicely anyway, so I figured I'd share:

I never even noticed the spider on this branch until I'd downloaded my pictures:

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  1. Oooh, suddenly I feel a bit better. Thank you, Sara, dear, I really needed that.