Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Puppy love

Before we get to the star of today's post, a few flowers I photographed along the way.

When I went to take pictures of the irises along the edge of our little pond, I realized there was also a patch of Forget-me-nots growing on shore as well:

And the aforementioned Yellow Flag irises:

Then, in the afternoon I happened to park near this striking patch of Dame's Rockets:

Okay, now on to the fun stuff. Today one of my coworkers brought in one of the Golden Retriever puppies her mother's dog recently gave birth to. As you can see, he was an immediate hit with everyone:

Well... maybe not everyone, as Sam's expression here as she looks at her Mom screams "What in the #$@% is this creature?"

"No, seriously Mom—WHAT IS IT?"

But really, how could anyone resist this face?

Since he's yet to find himself a home, he doesn't have an official name yet. My coworker said her Mom refers to him as Duffer. Me, I think whoever ends up with him should name him Splash:

After he finished removing all the water from the bowl the hard way, he moved on to checking out Sam's stuffed animals:

Sam kept a close eye on the interloper as he explored the office:

And then, as inevitably happens with puppies, after all that exploring, splashing, and playing he totally crashed and ended up sleeping for nearly 3 hours:

So. Very. Cute. We're all hoping he visits us again very soon.


  1. Awwwww... *melts from the extreme cute*

    I like the flowers, too.