Thursday, June 17, 2010

Lots of photos again today... I'll just get right to it.

When Kaylee and I went up into the woods for a quick stroll this morning the contrasts between the wet wood, green moss, and white fungus caught my eye:

During our afternoon walk, while Kaylee was scouting the terrain ahead for me, I noticed a bird flying back and forth not far from where she was exploring. I definitely didn't recognize the calls it was making, or the bit of the wings I could see when it went by. So I started taking pictures in hopes I could identify it later. I'm pretty sure it's a Spotted Sandpiper, but if anyone reading recognizes it and knows differently please be sure to let me know:

Literally the only two shots that came out in focus when I tried to photograph it in flight:

After two gloomy days, the sun finally started breaking through the clouds as Kaylee and I made our way home:

Today's shots from the back yard, starting with a Blue Jay that got a bit damp during this morning's showers:

Negotiating real estate space with a woodpecker:

An itchy chipmunk:

Things can get a bit crowded at times:

A male hummingbird resting on one of the chairs on the back porch:

And working the flowers in the planter one of Mom's hummingbird feeders hangs underneath:

Finally, today's Kaylee pics.

Snacking on some grass while we were out walking:

And lounging on top of the hot tub:


  1. I enjoy your narration as much as I enjoy your photos, and that's a lot.

  2. I especially love the shot of the sun breaking through the clouds. Just neat.