Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Victory: it is mine. \o/

At long, LONG last, and about 100 photos later, I have successfully gotten a decent shot of the fly for the how-to article:

Yoshi then requested a slightly different look at the same fly, one for the step when the clear plastic rod is glued to the fly. Happily, this one only took about 20 tries or so:

Finally, this morning as I drove to work I was witness to a near miracle—a bit of sunshine broke through the clouds and lit up a small patch of the mountain. Unfortunately, by the time I pulled over and got my camera out the moment was gone, but I took a few shots anyway—this one seemed to come out the best:


  1. Stunning, Sara!

    Your fly photos are glowing - excellent job.

    I love the ethereal Misty Mountain shot.

  2. Another cool group of pics. Keep 'em coming!

  3. Wow Sara,

    You have patience and the fly photos are terrific!

    I like the photo of the mountains with a just tad of sunlight.