Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Just another day at the beach...

Of course, by "beach" I mean snow-covered landscape featuring a complete lack of sunshine or blue skies.

Today's selections all come from work, as I spent a good part of my day both there and back here at my place trying to photograph flies.

But first up, we have a picture of my boss's dog Sammy, a beagle/Lab/pit bull/hound/who knows what mix, and our bookkeeper's dog Bear, a German shepherd, enjoying their usual Tuesday morning playtime. I had absolutely no success getting a good clear shot of their interactions, but when I reviewed the photos I decided I kinda liked how this one came out:

Next, a look at a purely Yoshi creation: a Christmas fly he made during the museum's Hooked on the Holidays event. It falls in the category of what we've christened "clown flies," ie flies young kids can easily tie. The hooks are made of clothes hangers, and the materials used in the tying process include pipe cleaners, sticky googly eyes, and, as you can see, very brightly colored feathers.

Finally, a photo of the set up I brought home to try yet again to photograph a fly for the how-to article I mentioned yesterday. Generally speaking, this DIY fly studio yields excellent results, but the preponderance of yellow in the fly is making getting a good photograph very difficult.

Unfortunately, my attempts here in my apartment were just about as fruitful as the stuff I've tried at work. Translation: I got bupkus. Guess it's back to the drawing board tomorrow...


  1. The action dogs photo is an amazing whirl, and the Christmas fly is especially wonderful - wouldn't it make a lovely gift for a child to make for a fishing relative!

  2. Love the doggies playing and the Christmas fly is wicked cool. Nice job, Yoshi. :)