Friday, January 29, 2010

Cuteness Advisory Alert

Fair warning: the final picture in today's post might just overload the "Awww..." section of your brain.

But first, a couple of photos I took this morning. As Kaylee and I began our morning constitutional (with the temperature right around 3°), I turned and looked back at the house from the edge of the woods and liked the effect of the smoke spiraling up toward the clouds:

I shot this one at about the halfway point of our journey, just after the sun had cleared the top of the mountains:

Our first Kaylee pic comes from lunchtime, when in lieu of a trip up into the woods I threw a rubber stick to try and get her some exercise. Clearly she takes great pride in her retrieval skills:

And finally... well, I think it's just too adorable for words, myself:


  1. Awwwww!!!! It's as cute as you warned us it would be!

  2. That is one cute dog!

    The first two are just gorgeous.

  3. Beautiful pics . . . and as for Kaylee - yes, the warning is justified! I could just kiss her li'l snout!

  4. Cute as can be. There's something about dogs with their muzzles ringed with snow. . ..