Sunday, January 24, 2010

Mmm... donuts...

One of the best things about staying at Mom and Dad's? Being able to go a few miles down the road to pick up donuts for a Sunday morning treat; I'd have to make a 25-30 minute round trip to satisfy that craving if I was in Arlington.

Before Kaylee and I headed downtown, though, we went on our morning walk. When I stepped outside I was immediately struck by the cloud formation overhead, and shot this picture right at the edge of my parents' property:

A few yards up into the woods I turned around and took this one:

The rest of the trip was fairly uneventful, visually speaking. So was our second walk of the day in the middle of the afternoon. But I did get today's picture of Kaylee on our way home—her attention is completely focused on my left jacket pocket, ie the location of the last of the cookies I'd brought:

While I was definitely curious, I opted for giving her the treat rather than see if that stare could burn a hole in my pocket. No need to ruin a perfectly good coat, right?


  1. Kaylee made me grin! Love the sky pictures. So peaceful.

  2. Love first pic especially, and the look on Kaylee's face! She needed those cookies.