Friday, January 15, 2010

Second verse, same as the first

The weather people said we were supposed to see some sunshine today.

I'm saddened to have to report that they lied. They lied to us.

Instead it ended up being overcast, rainy, damp, and raw; seems like they did get it right when they mentioned we might be heading into the January thaw.

Unable to find any photographic inspiration at work today, I hopped in the car at lunchtime and drove around for a bit. I've discovered that one big obstacle to photography in this area during this time of year is it's pretty difficult to find a decent place to pull over for a few minutes. Or, at least, pull over and not worry about forcing traffic to go halfway into the other lane to get around you. But as I was driving down a road I must have taken dozens of times over the course of my life, I noticed a wooden fence and thought "that might be interesting to photograph." Better still, there was a long driveway leading up into the woods right next to the fence. Keeping my mental fingers crossed that none of the residents would need to use their drive in the next ten minutes, I parked, got out, and took these:

I'd say TGIF, but as it happens I'm working tomorrow. So my weekend hasn't quite started yet...


  1. I love the pop of unexpected red in that sea of white and gray. These are great pictures!

  2. They aren't a bit drab, Sara, they're subtle and beautiful!

  3. Nice photos in spite of the sunless day.

    I too was miffed by the WRONG the weather report. And yes, that great, maybe the best photo you'll ever take opportunity is missed because you can't pull off the road without risking an accident.

    I've considered attaching my camera to pole, getting a very very very long shutter release cable, holding the pole out the window & slowing down a bit to snap that great I go off the road..