Tuesday, January 26, 2010

An effect on the landscape

The sun returned to us today, and with it more seasonable temperatures that hovered around freezing all day long. However, yesterday's warmth combined with the constant rain resulted in flash flood warnings for the entire county and a whole lot of runoff water coming down the mountain. So when Kaylee and I went for our walk this morning, we encountered a fast-moving brook that didn't exist on Sunday:

Another part of our usual route was looking mighty different than the last time we walked it, thanks to that water carving a gully right down the middle of the path:

One of the most fascinating things, to me, about the annual runoff are the rows of leaves that get left behind as the water makes its way down the mountain. As this picture shows, these rows can be quite lengthy:

The leaves are even more fascinating close-up, as they end up as neat and tight as a stack of Pringles. I took the first of these two photos in the gully, the second higher up the hill (the same spot as the first picture in this post):

Finally, you'll all be relieved to know that Kaylee continues in her diligent efforts to make the world safe from rogue tree branches:

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  1. I look forward to these every day. I had no idea that leaves would end up in those stacks just from the run-off. They really do look like Pringles! :D

    As always, Kaylee is a true bright spot.