Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Is it Friday yet?

No, huh? I was afraid of that.

To start things off, remember hat new little brook Kaylee and I saw on our walk yesterday? First picture I posted in my previous entry? This is what it looked like today—in 24 hours it went from being filled with rushing water to bone dry:

I took this one during our walk because I liked the contrast of the green lichen against the gray bark:

My camera was busy today at work as well, as I wanted to photograph a fly to accompany an obituary we're running about the tyer, Jack Gartside. The pattern is called a Gurgler, and it was not only tied but invented by Gartside as well. He was an interesting guy with a very unique style; this is actually one of the tamer of the many flies he created that were bequeathed to the museum:

And finally, Kaylee is joined in today's picture by her good buddy Robby, an Australian sheepdog. I'd like to say that this pose is a result of their training and obedience... but really, who would I be fooling? As is no doubt obvious from the intensity of their gazes, I was actually holding two pieces of a dog biscuit over my head to ensure I had their undivided attention:


  1. LOLOLOL on the doggies! It's amazing how that brook is now bone dry.

    Cool fly! It's almost futuristic. It's not a cylon fly is it? ;)

  2. Robbie & Kaylee sitting in a tree....

    Ahem. They are just so cute, I want to squish them.